IP Protection

Generally, IP generated by employees of the University is owned by the University, as it provides salaries, resources, environment to enable research to take place – and it needs to protect its research outcomes to facilitate onward exploitation.

Patents for the University of Edinburgh are approved through IPAM – the Edinburgh Research and Innovations (ERI) patent committee.

We will help you define your application:

  • It must be clear who funded research and owns results
  • It must demonstrate evidence of pursuit of commercialisation
  • It must demonstrate market interest/unmet need
  • Is the invention functional or technical? (how something works – not mathematical formulae)
  • Is the invention novel? (NOT DISCLOSED)
  • Is there an inventive step? (Non-obvious to someone skilled in the art)

If a patent application is granted, it gives the owner the ability to take a legal action under civil law to try to stop others from making, using, importing or selling the invention without permission.

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