Primary innovations emerging from our academic colleagues at the University of Edinburgh’s College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine and the School of Engineering are:

  • Novel areas of biology/pathophysiology to exploit for:
    • Drug discovery, including invasion of metastasis
    • Drug target identification, including Alzheimers
    • Hit and lead identification, including anti-inflectives
    • Preclinical and clinical, including liver fibrosis
  • Diagnostic and medical devices
    • including HPV, near patient testing, nucleic acid testing
  • Human health
    • optimising patient pathways
  • Micro processing and sensor engineering

We advise on:

  • Potential development routes – from conventional approaches to less obvious market strategies
  • IP strategies
  • Funding routes
  • Potential industry partners
  • Market opportunities

We broker introductions and deals in:

  • Licensing
  • Research collaborations
  • Long-term Research and Development partnerships

We write and negotiate:

  • Funding opportunities
  • Contracts
  • Patent approaches