Company Creation

Our Company Creation executives identify and develop novel scientific concepts and technologies from academics and clinicians, working together to exemplify their intellectual property and develop business plans to ensure proposals are ‘investor ready’.

With extensive knowledge of industry, we believe our team knows what the market wants and can deliver commercial proposals that are attractive to investors.

In the past five years we’ve spun out more than ten new businesses, including i2eye Diagnostics Ltd, creators of the world’s first visual field analyser for children and vulnerable patient groups, and Edinburgh Molecular Imaging which is developing a pioneering Optical Molecular Imaging technology with the potential to address unmet needs in the diagnosis and monitoring of several major diseases.

We established Corticrine as a special purpose company to develop and finance an early stage drug (Xanamem™) for Alzheimer’s disease which had been funded by the Wellcome Trust. The company was merged with an Australian-listed biotech company which has raised over A$12m to complete Phase II development of Xanamem™. We have also launched a specialist Contract Research Organisation, Aquila BioMedical, focused on immunology and neuroscience.